Q: Is Dream Fondant allergen-free?
A: Dream Fondant does contain Milk but is Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, Nut Free, Kosher Dairy and Vegetarian.

Q: Why is the fondant so hard when I open a fresh package?
A: Dream fondant is made with white chocolate which hardens when cool. To soften the fondant, knead using the heat of your hands. If need be, Dream can be placed in a microwave for 5-10 seconds at a time (on a low setting) until it gets to a desired softness.

Q: Why is Dream Fondant called a hybrid fondant?
A: Dream fondant pulls together the best qualities of fondant and modeling chocolate creating a more elastic feel plus a firm body making it a simple task to cover a cake.

Q: Does Dream fondant work in humid environments?
A: Absolutely! Dream fondant works very well in humid environments. Because it is chocolate based, the oils stop the humidity from interfering with your creation.

Q: How long will Dream fondant last?
A. All products have a 12 month shelf life, and is indicated on each product label. Individual pail storage and handling instructions are on the product label as well.